get to know us

inviting the world

to our dinner table.

There's something beautiful about a dinner table... Dreams are shared there, hope is raised, ideas are made, and love is exchanged. Good food and good conversation can change everything.

The Black Spoon's mission is that, no matter which one of our tables you sit down at, you find a welcome place where you can feel comfortable, slow down a little, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Good food, great drinks, delectable desserts... none of them are elevated by the clothes you wear. Whether you're in running gear or formal attire; whether it's your anniversary or a regular Tuesday night, the Black Spoon invites you to sit down at our table.

Laugh, love, and live there... and we'll delight you with our service and excite you with our plates while you do!

meet the family behind the name...

Mike + Monica Black

This dynamic duo have been creating wonderful experiences in the service industry for nearly twenty years.

An alum of Canada's premier culinary school, The Culinary Institute of Canada, Mike Black is an expert at exciting palates with his fresh, but inviting dishes. He's also a devoted teacher, sharing his love for cooking with up and coming chefs.

While building a beautiful marriage with Monica, the two also built  built a reputation for establishing incredible restaurants across Eastern Canada.

Planting roots in Cape Breton, Mike + Monica built the Black Spoon one scoop at a time. Starting with the bistro, then expanding to what is now the Black Spoon Market; seeing dreams like the espresso bar & canteen come to life, and they're not finished yet!

"Come into our restaurant, feel comfortable, eat incredible food, and just enjoy being there with one another. That's all we want for our guests."